Full (as of 0.400) game guide - Seeds of Destiny community (2023)

(note: only side quest, points of interest, and various unique scenario will be listed as the game does a great job of letting you know where to go and what to do and main shops are clearly marked, shops will only be mentioned in relation to unique items or side quest.)

(Second note: holding down the confirm button makes any dialogue or cutscene in half. etc. birthing demon eggs in the demon temple)

Temple Ruins:

You can exchange seeds you earn throughout your playthrough at the back of the temple to upgrade party members, upgrades available are +5 to HP, +1 to MP, and +1 to devotion.

Debug room is located to the right end of the temple.

Waygate is located at the front entrance as well as a healing zone that fully restores HP and MP.

At the end of chapter 2 you can return to this temple and in exchange for 10 seeds can restore the temple to how it was in the past (note: the mayor of Ceder town, his daughter, and a third NPC womanare moved to this temple when it is restored, this locks you out of possible side quest so be sure to do these quest before restoring the temple more on these quest in Ceder town)

Ceder woods:

To the rightmost area there is a rock that when interacted with says there is a buzzing noise.

To the south is the exit and to the right of the exit is a chest with a ring of luck.

To your left of the exit is a path, here you can find crystal: herbalismblocked off by a switch, requirespower 175 minimumto get pass

Ceder town:

Waygate is located to the right of the mayors house.

Total unique items 11:

Ceder Ironfir Dagger recipe: located in the hunting relayin a red chest at the back.

Ceder Leather Armor recipe: found in weapons and armor shop in a red chest to the right.

Ceder Wood Ring recipe: located to the right most room in the mayors house in a red chest.

Beer Stained Handkerchief: rewarded for completing Last call!

Chicken recipe: talk to the lady behind the counter at the bar and chose the talk option at the end of the interaction she gives you the recipe.

Birthday Cake recipe: given to you during the quest Birthday cake! after talking with the lady in the cake house.

Birthday Cookies: given to you by the mayors daughter as a reward for Birthday cake!(you can get an infinite number of these until you rebuild the ruin temple).

Mother's bread: after going home talk to Leah's mother again to receive it. (resets after a while)

Crystal of craving: earned by completing Pickles please!

Crystal: cered woods: northeastof town and to the right is alumber mill after Damia returnsthey build a bridge at the top of the area and you can collect the crystal in a cave located up there.

Lone spirit: Located inAbby's shop in the top right corner.

Lone spirit: located at the corner of the right most lumber house in the lumber mill (doesn't show up until after crystal: cered woods is obtained.)

Total special interactions 9:

Pork or chicken: at the back of the hunting relay there are two guys sitting at a table one has pork and the other has chicken, talking to either of them will prompt you to chose between the 2 meats, picking the same dish as whoever you talk to will give you that item while picking the opposite will just result in them making a bad pun (this interaction is repeatable by leaving the building and going back in however you can only receive both rewards once each until you rest).

First interaction: in the weapons and armor shop you receive a unique interaction based off who you speak with first, weapons smith=another victory where asarmor smith=a rare victory.

In the cake house if you go to the chest and take the potion in it the game makes a comment (this is considered a negative interaction, it does not affect gameplay but its meant to make you feel bad for doing it)

In the pie house if you interact with the pie you can take a slice (technically this is a bad interaction but since you can do it an indefinite amount of times unlike other similar interactionsthis isn't as much of a bad thing, takes time for it to reset)

An elderly gentlemen can be found in the mayors house and will ask for your signature to change the towns name(nothing happens if you say yes other than him relocating back to his homeand he just stays there if you say no)

In the mayors house there is a chest in the daughters room opening it has the game call you a monster for stealing from a child

The first time you enter Abby's shop while pregnant has her start talking quickly and eventually ends with Leah giving her a seed (this is only a factor in Ceder town, any interactions outside of this town doesn't bring her belly up though it is visible on her overworld sprite. there is a chance that a unique interaction will occurif you don't talk to her while pregnant until the witches college though I have yet to test that, if a unique interaction does occurI will note it under witches college and update this but ill put this here incase I forget.)

To the west of town is the grave yard and at the right end of it you can find Leah's father Johnathan'sgrave stone.

Cult member: found in cered town just outside and to the left of Abby's shop. does not appear prior to Damia returning.

total side quests 4 (note not all side quest will be labeled as side quest but will still be listed here):

Last call: in the bar there's a drunk woman with a beer belly who askes you to get her one more beer, talk with the lady behind the counter and ask for a drink (you must have less than 50 power to get the drink otherwise she knows your pregnant and wont give you a drink) give the drink to the drunk lady to complete the quest. Reward:Beer Stained Handkerchief.

Birthday cake!: next to the mayors house is his daughter who gives the quest,go to the cake house and talk with the lady there to get a cake slicethen go back to the daughter and give it to her. Reward: Birthday cookie(this quest can be repeatedly done an indefinite amount of time but once you upgrade the temple ruins she will move there and the interaction is lost, this said you can still get slices of cake from the lady)

Pickles please!, located in the farm house north of ceder town, a pregnant farmer lady will ask for some pickles head to the item shop in ceder andbuy them from the old man then return and give them to the lady. Reward: milk(note: once you leave the house the ladies husband will stop you and reveal a cave which has thecrystal: cravings item inside)

Where are the pickles?: after defeating talking to the goddess you can find the farmer from pickles please!, this quest cannot be completed tell late into chapter 3, go to lakeview and ask for pickles from the item shop, then go to the royal city bakery to ask for pickles, then head to the fertile forest and get cucumbers, then head back to the royal city bakery to finish the quest. Reward: Leftover Pickle Jar.

Fishing camp:

In the tent is the fisherman's lunch, you can eat it for power but it is considered mean.

To the right of the tent is a small shrine, standing on the symbol gives access to crystal: health, a lone spirit,and an item called mysterious treasure which can be turned in to Abby for a Potion of Power recipe (Note: hold off on turning the treasure in until you have all of them, she may bug and leave you unable to turn in the last one.).

Orc cave:

healing circle before the boss fight.

lone spirit to the left of the boss entrance.

At the back of the cave after the boss fight you can find crystal: devotion.


Waygate in the middle of town

Total unique items 9:

Lakeview Chain Armor recipe: church left of waygate in the top right corner of the room.

Lakeview Banner Spear recipe: in the right room of the mayors house located at the top of lakeview.

Lakeview Medallion recipe: go down the well and as you exit it is in the red chest.

Pork recipe: talk to the lady behind the bar for the first time.

Holy bread: donate 100 G to the nun

lone spirit: old house in front of guard tower in top left corner of lakeview.

lone spirit: basement of the mayors house, entrance is in the kitchen.

Lone spirt: down the well and to the left.

Crystal: Growth spurt: down the well in the bottom right corner.

Total specialinteractions 4:

A wizard wearing red in the bar will answer one of five questions then tell you to bug off (this interaction resets after a while)

A well to the left of the pub leads to crystal: (this is unavailable at power 75 or more)

If you stay at the inn and have at least 1 divine seed it will disappear and the inn becomes free to stay at.

Shop in old abandoned house to the top left.

Cult member: lakeview to the right of the guild hall (currently unenterable building)

Total side quests 2:

Recipe hunt: given by the man in the smith shop, locate a recipe (Dark Sword) in cered forest (right most area) and return to the man, locate a recipe (Monster Repellent)in Fay woods (right path after boss) and return to the man, and find recipe (Sea Queen Spear) in the Nbeach (left most side of the beach).

Love these seeds: lady in the item shop will ask for seeds, give her 9 seeds to complete her quest, once you have the mansion you can return to her to recruit her (Note: wait tell AFTER damia and her temple appear before doing/completing this quest or else this can mess with order of story.)

Silent woods:

Silent Sword recipe: room 3 of silent woods off to the top right most section of the map.

Lone spirit: to the right of temple entrance.

Waygate is located at the front entrance as well as a healing zone that fully restores HP and MP.

At the end of chapter 2 you can return to this temple and in exchange for 10 seeds can restore the temple to how it was in the past.

when temple is restored you can talk with a green haired angel to the left side of the throne to make duplicates of existing crystals for 10 seeds each.

Fay woods:

Witches house had a lone spirit by the bed.

after the last boss to the right is a red chest with a mysterious treasure, turn in to Abby for a Potion of Flames (can only be bought from her after turning in the treasure)

After the boss on the right path you can find a purple pond, head to the fairy village (upper path after the boss)in the building to the far back and get spring water, then return to the pond and use the water, this will get you crystal: fairy's gift.

Speake to the fairy queen and receive a quest to repopulate the village, requires 71 seeds and 1,400G's.rewards Fairy Ring recipe, Fairy Cloak recipe, Fairy Wand recipe, and Fairy Queen's Tiara.

Bottom house of the fairy village is a fairy pillow (needed for later quest)

Special event in the hot springs, requires Sanu and minimum 75 power on all party members.

(Worth noting, this is the best location to purify fay creatures.)

Haunted mansion:

(no real quest besides the story points, worth noting however that this is one of only 2 locations to possess undead type characters the other being the pyramid at the start of chapter 3, the ghost of this mansion also count as 2 undead for the price of one)


Waygate outside and to the left of the mansion.

Total unique items 3:

Ethereal Spear: fancy red chest next to the exit of the well.

Nanna's cookie bar: given by the nanny in the nursery in exchange for a bottle of belly lotion.

mysterious treasure: outside and to the right and head down the well, its to the left where you land, turn in to Abby for a potion of healing wave (can only be bought from her)

Total special interactions 6:

Meet Celia the head maid for the first time by going up stairs.

Mother in the kitchen will teach you the skill rage upon second visit.

Magic mirror down the well, lets you talk to the 3 demon commanders and the demon lord, just something for fun and doesn't affect the story, however Gremory will become unavailable at some point.

After restoring the ballroom you can hold a party with people from either ceder town, lakeview, or the royal city.

restoring the basement gives access to the boss room you battled the demon of greed, head to the area between the torches and a hidden door opens, at the end of the room pass that door you meet an unknown individual who shoes you away.

After getting sanu and with a power minimum of 200 you can sleep in your bed in the mansion (upper level, right most middle room) to see a special event.

Sonia will ask if the kids from the orphanage could stay in the nursery (must have restored the nursery for this interaction)

Total side quest 7(note: not counting quest to get characters to the mansion just the quests the characters may get you to do):

Rebuilding the mansion: trade lone spirits to Sophie the spirit mother to rebuild the mansion. total number of spirits is 32.

It's a date: after the demon temple you will have a new maid in the mansion named Bridget, she will ask you to go to the beach outside of the demon temple, take with her there to start a cutscene at the end of which you can give her a divine seed.

A growing collection: Available after meeting her and restoring the artifact gallery,Celia the head maid of the mansion will ask you to collect fertility artifacts for her collection in the gallery (this quest cannot be completed tell late chapter 3 and requires you to completearcheologist hunt to complete it, more on that in neko village.)

Artifact 1: located in silent temple, back most room right of the throne.

Artifact 2: located in Damia's temple, right hallway to the right of the shopsin front of a statue

Artifact 3:

Artifact 4:

Artifact 5: given to you by Jeanna the Archeologist.

Flowers for Lily: Lily the slime girl will ask you for flower's (there are three flowers in total but the Blue lilies are used to recruit her so I will only mention the other 2 for now, neko village/royal city for more information), white marigolds located at ___, red roses found in the left side of theroyal city.

Gardening girls: collect seeds from/for Aria the dryadand plant them in the garden (Note: to my knowledge there is only 2 seeds currently available)

Ruby's Brood: give Ruby the dragon matriarch some divine seeds.

Big mamma elf: give Evelyn the elf seeds to help her have more kids. (Note: this quest is currently incompletable but you can at least start it.)

(Note: Sapphire the bunny girl doesn't show up even after successfully recruiting her. She may be bugged)


house center top has a lone spirit chest in it, top right corner.

Demon temple:

Tentacle Sword recipe: located on bottom right path in a red chest.

Tentacle Necklace recipe: located in red chest on right end ofbirthing chamber, requires you to reach max eggs to reach.

Tentacle Underwear recipe: located in Lilith's boss room after rescuing all the women in the temple.

Can rescue Bridget here, must save all girls.

lone spirit chest on bottom left path in 3rd room.

Start the start of chapter 3 if you return to the boss room you will find 12 demon eggs on Lilith's throne.

Crystal: brood mother: reach max eggs 4 times.

Cult member: found in demon temple in front of sign at the start.

Damia's temple:

can convers with Damia and get help with crystals (help with crystals is currently bugged)

can upgrade hero's at statue to the front of the area, waygate right behind said statue.

Neko village:

Waygate is located to the right of chefs house the building you wake up in.

Total unique items 2:

*Meow* anklet: in the house to the bottom right of the village a lady will ask for 5 cat nip to make some tea.

Lone spirit: found in inn in top right corner (yes it's a mouth full)

Total special interaction 3:

succubus fortune teller in house left of chefs house (has a green pentagram)

after finishing Mishu's mission go to the cheifs house and talk with Sanu's mother.

Cult member: neko village in the top right corner of the area next to the house with a large family.

Total side quest4:

Lost kitty doll: Mishu the pink haired cat can be found in the oasis to the far back of the village, she asks you if you can retrieve her kitty cat doll from the dusty temple, after retreaving it she will offer a relic she found in exchange for 7 seeds,doing so rewards you with ___

Tea time: get 5 cat nip for some tea.

Milk please: get the cat at the bar 20 milk (reward: milk stained handkerchief, anything pass this point is just to see her get big), 5 enhanced milk, 5 + enhanced milk, 5 + ultimate milk, go to the cowgirl farm and give her 1 divine milk. (note: every milk pass the normal one can only be obtained by going to the cowgirl farm)

Archeologist hunt: talk with Jeanna the archeologist in the ruins within neko village, talk with Jeanna at dusty temple, talk with Jeanna at pyramid dungeon (bottom right of the area), talk with Jeanna in the royal city swears (back most wall), talk with Jenna in the mansion well (right most area near collapsed mine),talk with Jenna at the demon temple(first room next to title plate),talk with Jeanna at temple ruins (), talk with Jeanna at silent temple (), talk with Jeanna at damia's temple(top right room to the left of the shops) reward: fertility artifact.

Dusty temple:

Jem puzzle: solve 5 riddles to restore the oasis, solutions: the sun, deep sea, blood, tree, black gem is on the ground next to the statue boss,take the 5 gems to a bowl in area to the right of the temple,gem order: black, blue, green, yellow, red, rewards: crystal: sandworn eyes and lone spirit in top right corner.

Pyramid dungeon:

In area M3 there is a fancy chest with the pyramid jail key inside, requires 1 soul to open.

Idolized idol: a human lady and her brother want to find a neko fertility idol located in the pyramid, find it back center of P5-and bring it to them for 1000 G

Hieroglyphics: located in room p3: gold chest behind level 4 soul doors (need 4 souls to open)

Neko belly stud: found top center of P4, next to snake lady's cell.

Royal Neko Polearm recipe: located in top right corner of P3, needs 4 souls to access, watch the cracks on the ground.

Royal Neko Belly Stud recipe: located in P3 bathing room top left, requires 3 souls to access.

lone spirit: located in P4 on a path blocked by a strong current, need a minimum of 3 souls to reach.

My herosssss: back center of P4 is a snake woman trapped in a cell, use the jail key to free her Reward: attack: Belly Dance(note red chest locked in there with her contains Dancers Dress recipe)

a minitour at the bottom left area is asleep, give him a milk to wake him for a conversation, if you saved the snake woman talk to him again and he'll say he's gonna leave the temple and gives you Jeweled Sword and it's recipe, you can find him again at the cowgirl farm.

Grote rout 1: (mountain area that connects Lakeview with the royal city)

Lone spirit: enter from Lakeview side and continue down the path (you'll know your on the right path is there are only demon scouts)

Grote rout 2:

Lone spirit: entering from neko village direction, first branching path available.

Royal City:


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